Thursday, March 22, 2012

Last Day in Peds

Last day - it's been a fair 6 weeks.  Aside from being sick for one of the weeks, it's gone really well.  My preceptor thinks very highly of me and I've gotten my timing, writing, and presentation skills down as far as history and physicals go.  I'm looking forward to seeing adults again - kids are fun, but honestly, only if they can talk.  Babies are kinda boring.  Either way, seen a few good cases, gotten a couple challenging things to diagnose, but for the most part I refined my examination and presenting skills.  I have the test tomorrow and then it's off to Internal Medicine. 

In other news, I finally went to the other hospital and downloaded the case information for the patient who I want to present to my classmates.  I have a presentation in mid-April that I need to prepare.  Trying to get my rotations for fourth year all set up.  Our school's 4th year coordinator is apparently really bogged down with doing these, so I don't know how soon they will be out - I'm a bit anxious about getting the information out in time.  Hopefully it'll all work out and my rotations will fall into place without a problem.  Thank goodness UC Davis does an online application.  I should schedule my flight and hotel for my Step 2 exam - the part where we have to do 10 full patient visits in a row somewhere on the east coast.  Studying for the Step 2 written exam hasn't quite revved up, I'll need to get my butt on that.  This weekend I get a bit of a vacation, then it's back to work.

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  1. Looking forward to your family medicine adventures!