Sunday, January 8, 2012

1st Week in OB/GYN

Well, almost done with my first week in OB/GYN.  The first day we were on gynecological duty, so we were seeing patients in the hospital for ovarian cysts, pyelonephritis, etc.  However, we did assist on two C-sections and I got to observe a vaginal delivery.  It feels very odd to see a family react to a "birth" in scrubs while surgery is still technically taking place (suturing everything up, still have half the environment sterile).  The vaginal delivery setting makes a lot more sense - the delivery I saw only took about 40 minutes too so that was a pretty quick delivery.  Watching the men is the funniest part because they look terrified and helpless at the same time - after all, it's not like they can relate in any way and they can't really participate in the actual process - she's doing it all herself.  Of the two delivery methods, I'd definitely rather do the vaginal one personally (with epidural of course) - it just looks a lot more impressive.  

The next time I was in the hospital we were rounding on patients and doing a lot of gynecological surgeries so several hysterectomies and salpingo-oophorectomies (tube/ovary removal).  Not the prettiest of surgeries...especially when they do a hysterectomy through the vagina.  Before heading into this rotation, I had no idea that OB/GYN doctors do so much surgery.  Anyway, tonight we are on-call from 7:30pm to 7:30am, so I best be getting off to that - should be interesting.  I like night time, and I'm packing an energy drink - I hear there will be many deliveries.  I will post about it next time I have a spare moment!

In other news though, I got my loan disbursement, so money is not a problem for a little while.  I emailed my school contact about year 4 rotations and I am still studying for the boards - Feb 4.  

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