Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break

Hooray for spring break and being done with blocks exams for the time being. I ended up going to Monterey for a week, and then down to San Diego for the remainder of the passover time we have off. I have done essentially no medicine-related stuff all break - a welcome change and break for my brain. Looks like we get to start out with venipuncture and the respiratory system next block. Makes sense, as we just covered the cardiovascular system. It should be interesting.

In other news, we're needing to raise some money for the Bolivia trip (as in, get money to buy supplies for the hospital, mobile unit, and for the impoverished down there). I'll be returning to my research soon enough, and want to exercise a bit more so I'll join in the weekly karate class and do pilates on the side. I also got a LASIK checkup and my eyes are still healing perfectly and there are no complications. I also need to start making my own food more often - as much as I like letting my parents cook everything, sometimes I really prefer my own cooking. Anyhow, back to enjoying the last couple days of leisure that I have...

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