Thursday, October 1, 2009

Setbacks and Progress

Alas, a few unexpected setbacks occurred recently - first, the LAN party was cancelled...blah. Next, my ophthalmologist had to reschedule my surgery since he got a short-notice need to go out of town, so I'm trying to schedule it for the Friday after I get back from San Diego. On the plus side, I just started my Medical Spanish elective, which of course reminds me of the fact I'm going to go to Bolivia hopefully, and I met with my faculty adviser just to make sure I'm on track. My performance on the last exams was above average - and that's saying something when the average is 89%. My goal is to be in the top 25%, so that will be difficult...but hopefully doable! If I knew the standard deviation that would be more helpful, but you do what you can.

We're also learning more about doing histories and general survey exams, so HEENT, vitals, etc. It's fun - feels like we're really becoming doctors. I am anxious to update my insect blog, I have at least two insects to take pictures of and write about, one of which isn't even pinned yet, so hopefully I'll do that tomorrow or during the weekend. Wicked is still happening, and I'm probably going to the Renaissance Faire with the family, so that's good! Anyway, I still have some reading to do tonight, then sleep!

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  1. It's amazing how we always make the assumption that a distribution is Gaussian, so knowing the mean and SD gives you everything, when really most small samples are anything but...