Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Hospital

So, I get to work tomorrow at the main hospital. I tend to avoid shifts at the main hospital, as there are more supervisors, there is stress because it is a very busy place, there are more doctors, and more complicated procedures since they have the equipment to deal with more than clinics. For example, at clinics one cannot do a blood test for deep-vein thrombosis or lactic acid. Also, the hospital is a very clique-y place. I am not sure whether it is like this outside the United States, but at most hospitals we have a large proportion of Filipino nurses and laboratory workers. I have no problem with Filipinos, but they do tend to group together and establish a hierarchy within themselves. Also, they are very communal and every lunch/dinner break becomes a potluck, which can make a person feel awkward if he only brought a meal for himself.

Politics aside, I prefer not to work within sight of my manager - since the hospital is more stressful, she is always more stressed. Even though I have a very strong union and know it takes a lot to be fired from Kaiser, I can't help but feel nervous for my job any time she brings up a single negative about my performance. Honestly, you can only be fired for something close to criminal, like compromising patient confidentiality or misidentifying a blood donor and potentially killing someone. Nothing like the good 'ol depression days where if a man doesn't work fast enough he is fired and one of the 100s of people waiting outside runs in to take his place for a penny less per hour. At any rate, it is a small comfort knowing I will be leaving in 2 months and not have to work in the laboratory again.

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