Thursday, March 5, 2009


The first page I saw when I flipped open the cover of my cognitive science text book was page 3, including one of the woodblock prints from Andreas Vesalius' De humani corporis fabrica (On the Workings of the Human Body). Now, after my history of medicine class and my colloquium on localization of brain function, I have a profound respect for Andreas Vesalius - his work is simply remarkable. His work was the next step after centuries of following Galen. The detail and completeness of the text is staggering. I think I would like a copy of the translated text, including all the woodblock images, as a reference. It's pretty pricey. On a side note, the woodblock images were the inspiration for the poses and exhibits at the BODY WORLD/BODIES exhibits.

As far as other news, I sent in my $2,000 deposit to Touro-CA, and I received today a notification that they received that first deposit along with a reminder that I need to send them a second deposit of $1,000 by March 15th. Once these deposits are over, I'll be able to relax and earn money for a bit before I have to cash in checks on loan from the government or private institutions for the next four years. If I live with my parents, since they are about 35 minutes away from Touro-CA and in the opposite direction of traffic, I might be able to avoid taking out a private unsubsidized loan. I seriously think Wells Fargo would give me a better deal than the average grad-saver plus. I should plan to finish and submit my FAFSA by the end of next week...

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